Saskia Pfaeltzer, an independant artist

Saskia Pfaeltzer. An extraordinary chameleon, who seems to be able to effortlessly adjust to the demands of the time and place, but above all to her own aspirations. ''I have to continue to surprise myself; for me, that's the key to remaining energetic and continuing to derive real pleasure from what I’m doing.’' Anyone who regularly passes by Saskia's atelier, located in a former shop on the Nassaukade in Amsterdam, will see a new work of art in the window every month. Chinese men cut out of cardboard, wild tigers drawn in ink, sheep- and birds heads on top of huge vases. ‘’During the art school, I studied at night at the dance academy, I concentrated mostly on creating images of dancers, which I continued doing for years. I was even commissioned to create huge bronze sculptures of dancers, which now stand in city squares in Helmond and Steensel.

St.Maarten and China
Saskia lived on the Caribbean Island Saint Martin (D.A.) for twelve years where her supplies of materials for her work was limited. Her stay in the Dutch Antilles was a long, stormy period, in which she encountered loneliness and more than once the destructive power of hurricanes. Nevertheless, her art dating from this period is characterized by sunny, colorful Antillean influences. The urge to be free and to continue to surprise herself led Saskia to China in 2010. "I decided to re-invent myself once more. A new country, new materials, new inspiration. It was a fantastic experience to work for more than six years, two months every year, in the porcelain region in China (Jingdezhen, Jiangxi).” New exciting elements has been added to the range of work: grafic novels, theater sets made of carton. In 2014 her graphic novel about philosopher Spinoza was published and in 2018 the graphic novel about philosopher Nietzsche will be published as well.